What We Can Do For Our Team of Agents!

The best part of The Memorial Insurance Group is our people. We do not just hire talented and hardworking people with professionalism and integrity; we hire insurance agents who we would be proud to have as our work family and our friends. We strive to create a positive work culture where employee opinions matter and we welcome new ideas. If you are interested in learning about what The Memorial Insurance Group can do for our team of agents, continue reading.

Financial Freedom

The Memorial Insurance Group provides outstanding benefits and compensation packages that are performance-based and help keep your objectives in mind. Our benefits plans are flexible, and they help you meet your needs and balance your work/life priorities. 

At The Memorial Insurance Group, we know that when people feel rewarded, they will have peace of mind which allows them to enjoy life and do better.

Cash Bonuses

At Memorial Insurance Group, we know the importance of extra cash during the holidays. One major reason is that most people have extra expenses during this period. For this reason, we offer cash bonuses to our employees to thank them for their work throughout the year.

Flexible Schedules

If you work as an insurance agent at The Memorial Insurance Group, you can decide to work remotely. We also give you the option to choose to work from anywhere as long as you meet our objectives. However, you may need to come to the office to attend meetings on occasion. We offer 24-hour customer care service, which also allows you to have flexible schedules. Plus, we allow our employees to work a shift that they prefer.

On-The-Job Training

In most cases, people don’t need prior experience to work in insurance to be hired at an insurance agency. At The Memorial Insurance Group, we offer on-the-job training to our employees to teach them everything they need to know about insurance as a whole and their specific job. We also offer training courses that our new employees go through to understand the organization’s procedures and rules and regulations related to insurance.

Ready to Learn More?

If you are ready to learn more about what we can do for you, contact The Memorial Insurance Group. We are excited to share our proven strategies for success and help you grow in your career.