How Does Final Expense Compare to Other Types of Life Insurance?

Did you know that there are many different types of life insurance policies? It’s true! And, final expense life insurance is one of those types. Let’s talk about how final expense compares to other life insurance options.

Death Benefit

Final expense policies typically have a much smaller death benefit than other life insurance options. This makes them a good choice for someone that wants to financially plan for their funeral, but not a good choice for someone that wants to pay off their mortgage or other rather large expenses.

Medical Exams

Final expense policies don’t require the individual to get a medical exam, while other types of life insurance policies do. This is because medical exams play an important role in an insurance agency’s ability to assess risk. Getting an accurate medical picture is important and medical exams do this.


Beneficiaries have the same role for all life insurance policies: they’re in charge of the death benefit. You should make sure that your chosen beneficiary is aware of their duties and responsibilities so that they know what to do when the time comes.


Enrollment is fairly similar between the different types of life insurance policies. Whether or not a policy has a medical exam can have an impact on the underwriting process, which could change the enrollment timeline. With other types of life insurance, it’s important that you enroll as soon as possible. This will make sure that you pay the lowest premium amount possible. When it comes to final expense, it’s okay to enroll later in life. This can give you some flexibility if you’re not yet ready to commit.


The purpose of final expense varies from other life insurance options. The final expense death benefit is intended to be more temporary, while other life insurance options provide more permanent financial stability. Final expense policies are intended to cover smaller costs, while other insurance options can cover larger costs such as a car or loss of a partner’s income.
If you’re considering final expense, it’s important you talk to a professional who can provide you with further information. We’re ready to help you through the insurance process. Are you ready to take the first step? Make an appointment to speak with a member of our team today!