How to Qualify

It’s easy to qualify for final expense insurance. Since you won’t need a medical exam, MOST people can qualify even if they’ve had health problems.

Final expense applications are quick and easy. This means most people can get covered right away.

The Two Types of Final Expense Insurance

Simplified Issue Final Expense

If you’re in relatively good health and looking to cover end-of-life costs, simplified issue is the best type for you. You’ll answer a few health questions on the application, but won’t have to undergo a medical exam. Typically, coverage amounts go up to $35,000.

Modified Issue Final Expense

This type is best for those whose age or health keeps them from getting other types of life insurance.

How to Apply

Like all life insurance policies, you must fill out an application for final expense coverage. We have a 1 page application. Coverage is based on your answers to health questions, NOT medical tests. 

When you’re ready to apply, you can contact us at The Memorial Insurance Group. We have access to the major life insurance companies in your area, and we provide personal service that you can’t get from a big call center. 

Not ready to apply? Our licensed representatives can give you a FREE, no obligation quote.

Pre-Qualifying Questions

Here are some questions you might have to answer on the application:

  1. Have you tested positive for HIV or AIDS?
  2. Are you currently bedridden, hospitalized, in a care facility, or receiving hospice care?
  3. Do you have heart disease?
  4. Do you have congestive heart failure?
  5. Do you have a circulatory disorder, including stroke?
  6. Do you have cancer?
  7. Have you struggled with alcohol or drug abuse?
  8. Do you have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?
  9. Have you been taking medication or been treated by a physician for any of the conditions above in the last 2 years?

Be sure to give honest answers. Even if you say “Yes” to one or more of the questions, don’t worry. You may still be eligible for coverage.

How it Works

Once you’re approved, you’ll make regular payments to keep the policy in force. Our final expense plans will last as long as you do, which will help build cash value for your payout.

After you pass away, your family will get a lump sum cash payout equal to the coverage amount you got approved for. They can use this amount for anything. They can even save the money! A final expense policy can provide a financial cushion for your family during an emotional, challenging time.

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